Official website of sanatoriums and resorts of the AMAKS Hotels&Resorts chain

Official website of sanatoriums and resorts of the AMAKS Hotels&Resorts chain

20 years of experience of AMAKS Hotels&Resorts in the spa industry determines the reliability, efficiency and high quality of the services provided.

At the AMAKS balneological resorts, you will receive a wide range of medical services for various disease profiles, a lot of opportunities for entertainment and good rest, excellent food and European-level service.

Already now You can book a trip:

  • The AMAKS Krasnaya Pakhra resort in New Moscow is a medical and wellness complex that combines the capabilities of a country hotel with a modern medical center and a large selection of physiotherapy and cosmetology procedures.
  • The AMAKS Novaya Istra resort in the Moscow region is a modern medical and wellness complex with a swimming pool with highly mineralized relict rapa, similar in composition to the waters of the Dead Sea. Located in the vicinity of the New Jerusalem Monastery.

  • The AMAKS Staraya Russa resort in the Novgorod Region is a famous balneological resort founded by the Romanov dynasty in 1828. It has 3 mineral lakes on its territory, which are deposits of sulfite-silt mud.

  • The resort "AMAKS Ust-Kachka" in Perm Krai is a resort of Federal significance, is the largest resort complex in Eastern Europe. It has three types of mineral water: drinking therapeutic canteen, iodine-bromine and hydrogen sulfide for baths, irrigation and applications.   

  • sanatorium "AMAKS Shahter" Essentuki is a famous health resort in the sanatorium—resort region of Russia, with a favorable climate, healing drinking mineral water and unique therapeutic mud.

  • AMAKS Orbita resort Krasnodar Krai, Tuapse district, Olginka village is a health resort with its own beach on the first line of the Black Sea. The territory of the complex is literally surrounded by greenery of trees and shrubs such as walnuts, catalpa, magnolias, cedars and pyramidal cypresses and many others. The five main buildings of the complex are located close to each other, the windows of the rooms offer picturesque views of the surrounding nature, hills stretching into the distance, a spacious park and the sea.

  • The resort "AMAKS EcoPark" Yekaterinburg — the resort is located in a picturesque place 9 km from the city along the Rejevsky tract. Just half an hour drive from the center of Yekaterinburg, and you will be able to enjoy your vacation in harmony with nature, recharge with positive energy and have a bright holiday. Take a deep breath and feel the rich aroma of flowers and coniferous forest, listen to the singing of birds and the rustle of foliage. We invite you and your children to take a break from traffic jams and a noisy city, contemplate the beauty of nature, spend time actively and with health benefits.

In the sanatoriums of the AMAKS network, medical doctors of the highest categories, candidates of medical sciences, doctors of sciences work, they have developed more than 20 diagnostic, wellness and therapeutic programs that show high efficiency in the prevention and treatment of a huge number of diseases. The complexes are equipped with additional services for adults and children:

Spas, swimming pools, saunas, beauty salons, restaurants, entertainment centers, concert halls, playgrounds, rope parks, gyms, gyms, sports equipment rentals. In the sanatorium-resort complexes of AMAKS, you will feel comfortable and experience a lot of positive emotions!

Advantages of sanatoriums

The best traditions of the classic sanatorium and the standards of service of European-level hotels
Effective natural healing factors with patents and certificates.
New rooms, landscaped, landscaped parks, modern medical centers
Varied and balanced meals from experienced chefs
The AMAKS_KidS project is not only children's animation, but also comprehensively developing activities and improving the health of the younger generation.


Resort AMAKS "EcoPark"


Resort AMAKS "Shahter"


Resort AMAKS "Staraya Russa"

Novgorod region

Resort AMAKS "Ust-Kachka"

Perm Region

Resort AMAKS "Orbit"

Krasnodarskiy kray

Resort AMAKS "Krasnaya Pakhra"


Resort AMAKS "Novaya Istra"

Moscow region

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Perm Region

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Novgorod region

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Krasnodarskiy kray

Weekend tours

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Taking care of the elders

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